book vs. film

As a new apartment high-rise begins to fail, the class structure that stratifies the building creates primitive tribal alliances and with it tribal warfare. While JG Ballard's novel gives you more information about the characters, Ben Wheatley's film adaptation makes those characters more human.
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While the BBC is on shaky ground in reality, nothing is more important than getting it in the public eye, and what better way than the sequel sitcom to Twenty Twelve, W1A?
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"Do not punish yourself. You deprive the world of its purpose." 

—Simon Munnery, Hello
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    Quest for Wonder

Professor Brian Cox has lost his wonder! Puppet versions of Cox and Robin Ince search the Science Museum while teaching kids along the way. Inside jokes for grownup fans of the Infinite Monkey Cage, too.
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    A Geek's Guide to Islington

From Benedict Cumberbatch and Peter Capaldi as Angel Islington in Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, to Hitchhiker's Guide's Hotblack Desiato on Upper Street. 
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  kevin eldon   Kevin Eldon Will See You Now

Where can you find Neil Armstrong, Banksy, David Bowie, Uri Geller, and a fire alarm enthusiast all in one place? It's a radio comedy sketch show from the mind of Kevin Eldon, complete with musical ditties and silly voices.
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  hattie hayridge   Random Abstract Memory

The world was surprised when Hattie Hayridge turned up on Red Dwarf. They were more surprised when she turned up in the hospital on the day of her birth. Her mother didn't know she was pregnant!
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  bridget christie   11 Facts About Bridget Christie

From being in a biker gang at age 17 to gigging inside an inflatable hat to being fired as a milk maid, here are eleven incredible facts about comedian Bridget Christie.
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Can W1A's Lucy escape the grasp of the BBC to chase her dreams? What happens when you send two English comedians gator hunting in the American south? Did you know Nick Frost had a haunted chair? Do you know about the ancient Native American custom of using clowns in religious ceremonies? Would you like to hear David Bowie bare-knuckle fight with a bus? What happens when a man who thinks he's Richard Dawkins gets stranded with a vicar? Most importantly, if Professor Brian Cox loses his wonder, will he still have great hair? All this and more in the Fall 2016 issue of Anglonerd magazine.

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  Quest for Wonder

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  The Lobster
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  Hello, Simon Munnery
  Cluub Zarathustra Then & Now
  Behind the Scenes, The Alternative Comedy Experience

  Murder Mysteries
  White Face, Dark Heart
  Kevin Eldon Will See You Now

  The Perfect Fool
  When the Professor Got Stuck in the Snow
  More Trees to Climb
  Random Abstract Memory
  So You've Been Publicly Shamed
  The Best of Wodehouse



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